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What’s NLP-3?

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What’s NLP-3?

For those not acquainted with NLP-3 paradigma, we remark the new potentialities that this new branch of Neuro-Linguistic Psychology has brought about:

NLP-3 As A Revisitation of Alfred Korzybski’s Work...

Alfred Korzybski can duely be considered the ideological father of the framework of NLP. As a fact, it’s Korzybski who minted the term neuro-linguistic in the sense which applies to the therapeuthic context. Also, the general outline of a model of sanity provided by Korzybski is still tenable today in the light of NLP evolution.

NLP-3 poses much emphasis on Korzybski’s concept of semantic-aphasia as a means to put the client in contact with the natural language of man, thus reestablishing neurological equilibrium and allowing the client to regain ecological balance within himself and with his surrounding environment.

Also, Korzybski is undisputedly one of the pillars of Human Engineering, both as a science and as a force of social-reform.

That is in brief, of course. More details available on request.

NLP-3 As A Further Evolution of Chomsky’s Work

Chomsky’s Transformational Grammar inspired the founders of NLP in their development of the Meta-Model.

NLP-3 has revisited Chomsky’s work in the light of the new advances of the sciences of semantics, general semantics and semiotics. This has brought to light new paradigmas in the linguistical approach to behaviour modification, revealing new patterns and neurological corrispondences. (More details available on request).

NLP-3 As The Continuation of Erickson’s Work

NLP-3 remains loyal to Milton Erickson’s contributions to psychology and hypnosis. Furthermore, NLP-3 has enhanced many of Erickson’s techniques by assimilating them to the new frontiers of Human Engineering.